Unstoppable Australian Camporee

Registrations are now open for the Unstoppable Australian Camporee, to be held in Molesworth, Victoria from January 1-6, 2019. Large camporees like this are only held once every four years, so every Pathfinder only gets one or two chances to attend such an event. We would encourage all Castle Hill Pathfinders to come along, for an experience you will never forget.

For more details, read these information letters from the club, and from the camporee organisers.

The per-person costs for camporee are:

  • Registration is $190 (early bird) — this goes to the Camporee organisers (AUC).
  • Transport and food is $185 — this goes to Castle Hill club and will be collected later in the year. Note also that if your attendance is at least 75% and your family participates in the fundraising activities at the Fair and the Bunnings BBQ, you’ll get a discounted rate of $85.

We are planning to charter a coach to transport us all to Camporee, and we need to do this by early July. That means we need everyone who is planning to attend to register by the end of June. To register, push the big orange button below; this includes payment of the AUC registration fee. The Castle Hill component of costs will be collected later in the year.

The club is treating applications as having now closed. We are planning transport and food based on those who have already registered.