Chocolate Drive

  • July 24, 2018
  • News

The club is offering you to chance to do some fundraising towards your costs for the AUC Camporee in January 2019. The club will supply you with boxes of fundraising chocolates for $36 per box. Each box contains 60 chocolates to be sold for $1 each. You keep the profit of $24 per box.

We are offering a choice of two different boxes:


12x Toblerone (35g)
8x Boost (38g)
16x Timeout (32g)
16x Crunchie (30g)
8x Cherry Ripe (35g)


30x Dairy Milk Freddo (35g)
30x Caramel Koala (35g)

You can order and pay for your chocolates by pressing the big orange button below. Please submit your order by Wednesday 8th August. We’ll then supply you with the boxes, you sell the chocolates and keep the profit. Please contact us if you are interested in selling chocolates but wish to discuss alternative payment methods.

Applications for this event have now closed.