Expedition at Mellong Ridge

This year’s conference expedition is being held in Parr State Conservation Area on September 27-29. Download the pre-log to find out more about the weekend, including a map and travelling directions, and a list of what to bring. There will be plenty of hiking involved, so all your gear must be in a backpack and you must be able to carry it all yourself. You can also refer to our normal hiking checklist.

Applications for the expedition go to the conference. The application fee is $38 per person if you register by September 3, or $66 if you register after that and before the deadline of September 10. The registration process is similar to the one we use for our club camps. If you wish to attend as a parent helper, please check with Megan prior to registering.

Please register soon and come enjoy the weekend with us! This event counts towards your attendance for the year. Any questions, please contact Megan.

Applications for this expedition have now closed.

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