Isolation Curriculum

Pathfinders 2020 is looking a little different as we deal with the effects of COVID19. As such we are going to be missing a few Pathfinder events for the year. At this stage we are unsure when we will be able to meet again as a club. So, in the meantime and in order to be invested, we need you to complete some requirements at home.

Below you will find lists of activities and honours for Pathfinders in each stage. Beside each activity or honour is a link containing information you need to complete that item. You can pick and choose activities that are interesting to you, or that you wish to learn about. We have allocated hours against each activity, and we need you to complete a total of 15 hours until we can meet again in person.

Remember: take photos, keep logs, make notes and fill in worksheets in order to provide enough evidence to your Pathfinder Leaders and ultimately District Directors that you have adequately completed each activity.