Hike at Thirlmere Lakes

Winter is here, and that means hiking season! Our next event is our pre-expedition hike, at the start of the school holiday break, from June 25 to 27. We’re heading to Thirlmere Lakes, a wilderness area near the upper reaches of Warragamba Dam. The scenery around the lakes is delightful, and there are rugged views from vantage points on the ridges.

Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to have two people in our two-person hiking tents, so we are going to operate this hike a little differently from usual. Some groups will sleep both nights at base camp, in our larger tents, and not carry tents during the day. Other groups will carry hiking tents and sleep in a different location on Saturday night.

Make sure to visit our resources page to check our list of recommended hiking equipment. Remember to pack light and warm, and carry two litres of water. If your pack weighs more than one third of your body weight then it’s too heavy. Make sure your pack fits you well; and especially that the waist strap can be tightened around your waist. There will be a pack check on Thursday night June 24 for juniors and anyone who hasn’t hiked with us before. We want to make sure that you will be safe, warm and comfortable. If you need to purchase equipment and would like some help, please contact us.

To apply for this hike, push that big orange button below. Remember that everyone who is coming to the hike (Pathfinders, parent helpers and leaders) needs to complete the application form. The deadline for applications is June 13, and the application fee is $25 per person.