World Pathfinder Day

  • September 3, 2022
  • News

World Pathfinder day is a special Sabbath in which we celebrate what it means to be a Pathfinder. Every year a different theme is chosen and it is a day full of singing, preaching, smiles, and Pathfinder spirit. This event takes place on the third Sabbath of September, each year.

Castle Hill Pathfinders has been asked to take the worship service at Windsor church for this date as a community service activity, and our club accepted the invitation. The date for this year is Sabbath 17th September 2022. You’ll need to be at Windsor church, 93 Macquarie Street, Windsor by 10:15am, wearing your full formal uniform. The programme will run from 11am-12:30pm.

To help us plan the programme, please let us know whether you’ll be attending or not, and whether you need transport.

Driving and Parking Directions

The address of Windsor Church is 93 Macquarie Street, Windsor, but parking on Macquarie Street is limited and not recommended. The church carpark (P1 on the map) entry is on Suffolk Street, which is a one-way street with entry from George Street. You cannot enter Suffolk Street from Macquarie Street.

For those approaching Windsor from the east, use Windsor Road A2 all the way into town and turn left at Macquarie street. The recommended route is then to turn right into Fitzgerald Street, left into George Street and left into Suffolk Street. When you reach the intersection with O’Brien Lane, pause and sight across to P1 to see if any parking spaces are available. P1 is quite small. If it looks full, turn left into O’Brien Lane. Parking may be available on the south side of the lane, marked as P2, which you can access by continuing to P4 and looping back around. Parking may also be available adjacent to Pizza Hut in P3, or behind K-hub (a mini Kmart store) in P4.

For those approaching Windsor from the west, use George Street rather than Macquarie Street.