If you are 10 to 15 years old and want to make friends, have fun and challenge yourself, then Pathfinders is for you!

If you like camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, we do heaps of that! Along the way, you’ll learn all the skills you need such as tent pitching, knot tying, cooking, fire lighting, orienteering and first aid.

If you like earning badges and awards, there are six badge levels to work through, and dozens of honour patches to collect along the way. Whether your interest is the natural world, arts and crafts, life skills or physical activities, there are honours in all these areas and more.

You won’t get bored at Pathfinders. We do ceremonies, marching and flags. We do games and sports. We get dirty and tired. We build your independence and your leadership skills. We contribute to our local community. And we honour our God in heaven who makes it all possible.

Castle Hill Pathfinders is your local club (based at Castle Hill Adventist Church), but we are part of the worldwide Pathfinder movement. Every few years you’ll get a chance to attend a huge camporee with clubs from all over Australia and the South Pacific.

Give Pathfinders a go! You won’t regret it!

To learn more about our club and how we do things, a great place to start is our FAQ page. To learn more about Pathfindering in general, follow the Organisation links on our Resources page.

Patch Triangle