Club Membership 2024

Details of changes to membership registration in 2024

A new Pathfinder year begins with new technology for processing registrations and payments. Previously we used a system provided by the South Pacific Division, but we’ve now integrated these functions into this new website and webstore. We use a payment gateway service (Stripe) to manage the money side of things, but it’s integrated seamlessly into our webstore. Refer to our privacy page for details on how the information you provide is stored and managed.

The process you need to follow when completing registrations and payments is different as well. Previously registration and payment was completed in a single transaction, whereas now they are separate transactions.

  • Registration consists of the form you see below.
  • Payment consists of purchasing a membership fee from our webstore.

You can complete these in any order, but we encourage you to start with the registration form. After you submit this form, a button will be displayed labelled “add membership fee to cart”. If you are registering as a Pathfinder, tap this button and the membership fee of $90 will be added to your shopping cart. If there are several Pathfinders in your family, you can complete the registration form once for each of them, adding the membership fee to your cart each time.

Once your registrations are complete, you can browse the shop to select any items of uniform you require, and add these to your order. You can view your shopping cart at any time, and when you are ready, proceed to the checkout where you can make a single payment for the lot.

    Have you been a Pathfinder before? YesNo
    Invested as FriendCompanionExplorerRangerVoyagerGuideMaster Guide

    Private Hospital Cover YesNo

    Send this contact regular communications as well?

    Do you give us permission to use photos of you when promoting the club (for example, on our website)? YesNo

    The annual membership fee is $90, which you can add to your shopping cart now. (Master Guides and leaders are exempt from the annual membership fee.)