May Camp at Colo River

Our second camp for the year is fast approaching, from May 17-19. We’re heading to the campground at Upper Colo Reserve, beside the pristine Colo River. The general plan for the camp is mostly Fair practice but we will also be doing our usual games, classwork and worships. All meals are planned to be had at the campsite. We are not planning on having a fire. Bring a day pack to carry everything you need for a possible short hike. Check out the information letter below for more details. The deadline for registrations is May 9.

    Emergency Contact
    Known Allergies (if any)
    Medical Conditions and Medications (if any)
    Private Hospital Cover
    Swimming Ability
    I promise to be respectful by treating others as I would like to be treated. I will not let my actions detract from the experience of other Pathfinders.I promise to listen and follow the instructions those who are in a supervisory role during the camp, including junior counsellors.I will actively participate in all activities during the camp with a positive attitude.I will not wander away from the group and will request the permission of a supervisor if I need to leave the group for any reason.I will preserve the bush and not cause harm to any wildlife.I will use only language which is appropriate. I will not swear or insult others.I will be patient, forgiving, and tolerant of others.I will keep the campsite clean and tidy and will not litter.I will not bring electronic entertainment equipment to the camp.I will look after the Pathfinder equipment. I declare that I have read the information provided about this activity, including the list of items I need to bring to ensure my safe participation. I will endeavour to bring all the necessary items. I also understand that it is a condition of participation to accurately complete the medical information above.I have been informed of the nature of the activity and understand that it involves elements of risk. I agree to be responsible for taking the time to learn safety techniques and the proper use and limitations of the equipment I will be using. I acknowledge I may refuse to participate in any part of the activity I feel apprehensive about (if this does not endanger myself or the other participants and leaders).I am aware of the risks of the above named activity and am willing to accept this risk and agree to release, to the full extent permitted by law, AUSTRALASIAN CONFERENCE ASSOCIATION LIMITED (ACN 000 003 930) and SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH (GREATER SYDNEY CONFERENCE) LIMITED (ACN 106 908 794) and their employees and agents from responsibility for any injuries which I may suffer as a result of participation in this activity.In the event of accident or illness, I consent, where it is impractical to communicate with my emergency contact, to receive any x-ray examination, anaesthetic, medical, surgical or hospital treatment as may be deemed necessary by a licensed physician and/or surgeon. I agree to pay the costs of any such treatment, plus the cost of any ambulance or other emergency transportation which may be required.I agree to be returned home, if, in the opinion of the camp director, my behaviour is contrary to the camp contract or I am unable to meet the rigours and requirements of the activity. I also agree to meet any travel expenses incurred in such an event.

    The camp fee is $35, which you can add to your shopping cart now. (Master Guides and leaders are exempt from the camp fee.)