Craft Preferences

In 2024 we are offering the following six crafts:

  • Card Making
  • Cooking
  • Origami
  • Small Engines (maximum 6 Pathfinders)
  • Soccer & Ultimate Disc
  • Wood Carving

Please submit your preferences below. Number the crafts in order of your preference, from number 1 being the craft you would most like to do, through to number 6 being the craft you would least like to do. If you change your mind before registrations close, simply submit a new set of preferences and we will ignore any earlier submissions.

The club will take your preferences into account when assigning you to a craft class. We give priority to the senior Pathfinders, because they may have already participated in some of the crafts in previous years, and junior Pathfinders will have future opportunities to be given their first preference.