June Hike at Mill Creek

Our first hike for the year is coming up fast, from June 28-30. Our base camp will be at Mill Creek campground in Dharug National Park, near Wisemans Ferry. All the details are in the information letter below. The deadline for registrations is June 20.

The camp fee is $35, which you can add to your shopping cart now. (Leaders are exempt from the camp fee.)

Digital topographic maps for leaders

Leaders, you can import these topographic maps into the Avenza Maps app on your phone. Long tap each link, copy it, open Avenza Maps, select Import Map > From the Web and then paste the link.

Unfortunately, Mill Creek is near a map intersection and so some of our hiking routes require four topographic maps. The free version of Avenza Maps permits only three maps to be loaded simultaneously, but you could download all four maps to your device before the hike (tap each link), and then import them into Avenza Maps as required during the hike with Import Map > From Storage Locations.

  • Gunderman (Mill Creek Campground, local circuits, Western Commission Trail)
  • Mangrove (Old Great North Road, Ten Mile Hollow, Western Commission Trail)
  • St Albans (Finch’s Line, Old Great North Road)
  • Lower Portland (Finch’s Line)